Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Buddy Blain

Buddy you touched my heart more than you could imagine. From getting you at 5 weeks old way to early and feeding you from the bottle the bond and connection we had was there from the very start. We got each other through hard times tears smiles and had many laughs together you was and still are my faithful companion and my true friend. The love we had for each other was undeniable. Buddy you was my first dog and boy believe me you are irreplaceable. One of a kind and one in a million. This nasty cancer got you unexpected and we couldnt have ever predicted this outcome I promised you we would go home but that wasnt meant to be. I made the choice to not let you suffer and it was the hardest and most upsetting decision of my life. I hope you will be at peace now and playing up there with domino jojo and deo. My heart will forever have a piece missing until it's my time to go. Then I know you will be there waiting for me with sloppy kisses and cuddles at the rainbow bridge. I love you baby goodnight and God bless mommy misses you always xxx
Naomi - Mom
Buddy Blain