Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Barley

My darling Barley, I remember the day we picked you up 13.5 very short years ago.That tail of yours has never stopped wagging since. We miss the welcome at the door,the sound of your paws on the floor and your head peering round the door when you know its dinner time. You were a stubborn beagle but you were ours.Our hearts were broken on the 1st October 2019 when we has to let you go.Myself and Keelan held you tight that day, telling you how much we loved you.Bramble is missing her big sister,she misses you bossing her about but also the gentle way you always cleaned her eyes. Loved and missed forever from Mom,Dad,Bramble,Keelan, Jess and Dylan.

Nicola Middleton - Owner