Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jasper

Nothing can prepare someone for the loss of a pet, a companion, a member of the family and a four legged best friend! This morning I found that out. The heartbreaking truth of letting something go to relieve them of pain and discomfort. The facts about growing up with an animal, comes with the understanding that one day they may be too tired, too weak, in too much pain and cry when they’re struggling, but you know when that day comes you have to do what’s best for them! And you know that when you’re sat in the vets or where ever you may be, that they would no longer in pain, no longer too weak and can finally lay down and sleep! I grew up with this amazing boy, from 8 weeks old to the fabulous age of 17! There will never be another like him, no other that can show his love and care like he did. I will cherish the memories I got to make with him! Coming home to an empty house, with no greeting of a wagged tail is rather strange. Walking round the house to see toys and food bowls is hard, and noticing a silence you’d never noticed before is heartbreaking! I thank you Jasper for showing me a different kind of love, you can finally lay at peace now, no longer in pain, no longer falling down and getting frustrated you can’t get back up. Never take a pet for granted because you never know when things may change. ❤️❤️❤️
Jenny Bonney - Mum.