Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Kaiser


23/02/2022 we made the very hard decision to let you go. Rest easy my beautiful boy. You have left your paw print in so many hearts. You have been my rock, my best friend, my companion and brought us all so much joy. The last week has been an emotional roller has been the hardest day to say goodbye to you my baby boy. We all love you to the moon and back. I couldnt leave this post without adding the message Michael Dieroff sent last night.......So so sorry Ally, the legend, the pampered one, the baby, the dork, the smiler, the yapper, the talker, the clueless, the squirrel chaser, the happy one, did I say the baby, did I say the dork.. the lovely soul, the happy spirit, the had a great life one, the leave him at our house as he can't be on his own (dork again) one, the save my shit for my other house one (I always remember the moment you brought him over those days Reynolds road, he would go straight out the catflap and have a dump, he defo saved them for my grass), the priveledge one to have you for his mummy, the loveliest dork, the baby, the Kaisy. We love you Kaiser......gone but never forgotten ever!! Xxxx


Allison, Scott and Louise - Mummy, Daddy and Sister