Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Lucky

Lucky, Died peacefully in the early hours of 14/11/2021 I had so many names for you! Lucky, lucks, lucksters, lucky loo, lucky loodles Though you always bit my shoulder when I picked you up and nibbled my leg when I was brushing you in the garden that time, I knew there was definitely nothing wrong with your gnashers! The thing you loved before that was grass, you'd sit in the garden in your run and that's all you was ever interested in, you even poked your head out the cage when I cleaned you out all to munch on the grass In the last few days, I'm glad I taught you the "kisses" where I bent down, put my head into the cage and puckered my lips twice and said kisses and you came and sniffed my nose. It's that memory I have that always warms my heart You were extremely intelligent and always listened to me when I spoke to you, your little nose twitching and looking straight at me Though I was focused on grieving Frank, I never loved you any less and I hope you know that, I hope he's looking after you and you're with all your family now, at peace and free from pain I'm so sorry I wasn't there when you took your last breath, I'm sorry I wasn't in the same room or the same house, please forgive me, you were healthy and eating and full of carrots, I wouldn't have left you otherwise You made a few marks on the carpet where you decided to eat it, but it brings a smile to my face whenever I see them I wished I got your ashes to place on the window but I truly hope you love your pink carnations on your grave and the pink scented candle, your food bowl is buried with you, you always use to tip it up when food was put in there! You also have your water bottle buried with you too I will print this photo off: And get it framed and place it on the right window with your envelope of fur clipping, the led candle will burn each night and you'll be able to see it shining as it overlooks your grave, just like I showed you last night Until me meet again, rest in peace, be happy and enjoy your meadows of grass I love you, my little princess ❤

Justine Bradley - Mother