To my beautiful beautiful boy max, I was over joyed when you choose us to be part of your family. I remember walking into a room full of puppies where you ran straight to me, I felt the love radiate from you to me. You have meant everything to us, you brought us so much happiness in your 10 and a half years. You loved people, children, puppies and other dogs. Never once did I hear you growl, you only showed love and affection. 

You were the light in my life when your dad passed away. You got me through the darkest days. You licked my tears away when I cried, and cuddled up when I was low. Our walks together brought great comfort to me. You were my guardian angle, and now you are with your dad and other angles in heaven. You have left a huge hole in my heart.

But now you are with your dad and are no longer in pain, god bless you Max. 

Love you forever,

Mam x

Doreen Swinburne - Owner