Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Our beautiful precious love, Lily.

Our darling Great Dane Lily,
I dreaded this day when you would no longer be here. You've been such a wonderful and loving friend to me. You've listened to me and you never failed to place your head on my lap when I was tearful or sad. You followed me like you were my shadow. You didn't want me out of your sight! I remember the wonderful walks we used to share, especially in the snow. You loved the snow. When you struggled to walk we would take you for car rides in Sutton Park. You loved to sit in the back with the roof up while you watched the rabbits at dusk. I miss hearing you bark when the door bell goes. I miss your funny little howl when you heard the foxes in the garden. I miss everything about you. Everyone who came to know you loved you so much and you loved them too. The family is devastated since you left. Thank you, THANK YOU, for the joy you brought into our lives. You made every year magical. Danemoor Flora A.K.A. Lily - We love you and we will miss you terribly. I hope one day, to see your sweet face again, and to feel your sloppy wet kisses on my cheek. Goodbye, my sweet love.

Reinold - Owner
Our beautiful precious love, Lily.