Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Timmy - mummys baby

Oh my baby boy Timmy. I am hurting so much right now. 3 days ago i had to make the hardest decision and it broke me. I didn't want you suffering anymore and knew it was unfair on you. I hope and pray you knew I was there with you all the way through and that I had you on my knee kissing and stroking you. What I would give to cuddle you again. You was our best friend and always there. Even when Ava came into the world you grew to be her best friend and she misses you dearly. She misses the chases back to the house and the cuddles also. The 10 years we had you were amazing. You had your naughty ways but that's because you wanted our attention but you was such a loving loyal best friend anyone could ask for. Always in my heart. Now enjoy all the running about in the sunshine but please don't forget about me Love you forever Xxx
Gemma - Mummy
Timmy - mummys baby