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PCS Statement - Fire at our Dorset Crematorium - Update 21.02.2020 - 4.30pm

We can confirm that the search and recovery process for the remaining missing pets’ ashes has been completed and the site has now been fully checked and cleared. This has been a delicate and time consuming process and we would like to thank all pet owners for their patience and understanding during this stressful time which we realise has added immense anguish to everybody.

It is with regret that whilst we have located further ashes this week, we are unable to identify them as all identification certificates attached to the ashes have fully perished in the fire. However, all ashes found have been carefully collated and have now been transported to our Head Office in Northamptonshire for safe storage.

We have been able to re-unite many owners with their pets but we are devastated to conclude that we are unable to give all pet owners the answer they have been so desperately waiting for. We will of course write to all pet owners effected by this tragedy but your practice will also contact you as we are issuing full refunds for all cremation costs and we are currently liaising with the veterinary practices on this.

As a company and pet owners ourselves, we have decided that all unidentified pets’ ashes will be laid to rest at a memorial close to the Dorset crematorium and pet owners will be invited to attend this ceremony to commemorate their loved ones which have been so heartbreakingly lost. The location and date of this service is yet to be determined; please may we ask for your patience whilst we find a suitable public site so pet owners are able to visit this place of rest any time they wish in the future. 

The last two weeks have been, without a doubt, the darkest and most challenging time during PCS’ 40 year history and we are immensely saddened not to be able to re-unite some clients with their beloved family members, adding to their enormous pain having already suffered the loss of their companion. 

We have had unprecedented support during this time, both by our veterinary partners but also by pet owners and we will always be deeply grateful for this.

We had desperately wished we could have given everybody the news they had been seeking but unfortunately this has not proved to be the case; please do not hesitate to contact Anke Müller directly using ankemuller@pcsonline.org.uk if you have any particular concerns or wishes and we will do our utmost to accommodate them.