St Francis Pet Cemetery and Crematorium

Services at St Francis Pet Cemetery and Crematorium

The loss of a pet can be a very upsetting experience. Having provided you with love and affection throughout their life, a much-loved family member deserves to be treated with dignity when they pass away.

We offer a choice of services for you to give them a dignified farewell.


Domestic pet cremation

  • Individual Pet Cremation
  • Selection of carefully chosen caskets
  • Burial of ashes in landscaped gardens
  • Simple communal cremation
  • Pet burial
  • Domestic pet burial
  • Permanent memorial

Please feel free to contact us on 01872 540 681

The Garden of Remembrance at St Francis Pet Cemetery and Crematorium

Within our beautifully kept Garden of Remembrance you will find Companion Corner, where you can scatter the ashes of your pet and place a memorial plaque along with the Tree of Remembrance, where memory collars, small toys can be left. The Tree Remembrance is also lit-up during the Christmas period.

A wide selection of headstones, plaques,  caskets, and urns are available. Commemoration Roses and shrubs are planted and dedicated to the everlasting memory of your pet.

Find out more about Individual Pet Cremations