At North East Pet Crematorium we appreciate that this is a difficult time and the importance of treating your beloved pet with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Our individual pet cremation guarantees only your pet will be present during the process and ensures you will only receive your own pet’s ashes.  We only have individual chambers or communal which means we do not carry out any divided or tray-style cremations and pass them off as individual.

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Arranging a Pet Cremation


They were brilliant and cheaper than going to the vets. They gave us the option of how we would like the ashes back. Excellent service by staff.

Kirsty-Jane Cook

Very understanding staff who delivered an excellent personal service. They did my special cat proud. Thank you.

George Platt

I lost my best furry mate of 17 years the staff were very sympathetic never rushed me, chose a wonderful box to bring him home in thank you PCS.

George Hadigate

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