Below are a few testimonials for us, kindly provided by some of our clients. We value any feedback so please contact us if you would like to comment on our services.

I would like to thoroughly recommend PCS. From the first time I contacted them, to picking up our beloved Mollys ashes, the service was first class. They dealt with our loss, with great compassion and care. I would and will be recommending PCS in the future. Thanks, Neil and Family

Neil Atkinson - Owner

Not many people know that you can personally take your loved pet to PCS. They have a lovely quiet chapel where you can say goodbye and a book in which you can add a photo and a message. We then wait a couple of hours for the cremation and take our pets home. We find that this helps so much with dealing with the loss. The staff at PCS are always so understanding and sympathetic allowing as much time as you want. Sadly we have been there a few times and its a 90 minute drive for us each way but we will always take this option rather than leaving our pets at the vets and being without them for a few days awaiting their casket to be returned.

Richard Oakley - Owner

Very fast service, our beloved GSD Heidi only passed away last night and this afternoon we have her ashes, this brings a bit of closure to us, thank you.

Matt Arnold - Owner

Hello. Please could you pass on how grateful I was for helping my friend with the passing of her Dog Tottie yesterday. I didn't have an appointment but you still allowed us to bring her dog. The lady met us and was very kind while we did the paperwork, she took my friend's dog and carried her with care. We were able to collect the next day and the casket was amazing, looked lovely how it was presented in the outer box. Really appreciate the whole service, thank you so much. Regards.

Liza - Owner

Having lost one of our dogs recently,  we loved the casket her ashes were placed in. I order 2 of the same caskets for our dogs from a few years ago as there ashes were just in the cardboard box.

The caskets arrived within 2 days and the plaques were perfect. We now have 3 matching ash caskets for our beloved pets. Service was beyond excellent 

Thank you.

Lisa Letter - Owner

Our vet sent our lovely cat Babba to be cremated here and I couldn't be happier with Her little ashes box ♥️ I am very happy that She was treating like a little VIP in life and at the end. Thanks for cremating Her alone so that We only have Her ashes.

Natasha Stanley - Owner

My beloved dog passed away Sunday night I called them Monday morning to get by morello cremated. They got me in when I wanted and allowed me to use the chapel room to say my final goodbyes. I then had my beloved morello back home with me after 2 hrs. I will never use the vets to have any of my dogs cremated again. Also, the staff was all lovely.

Terri Freeman - Owner

They collected, cremated & delivered my boy Benji all In 7 days. Thank you.

EP D - Owner

I was absolutely devastated at the loss of my cocker spaniel J.D. All our hearts have been broken in to. I was worried about the cremation of our beloved friend. However, I have received J.D ashes back. I was worried that he would not have had the dignity of death as my faithful friend had shown to us in life. However, I had no need to worry the words were lovely on the card and the box and it made me feel he had been shown the respect he had deserved. I would like to thank everyone who looked after him for us. X

Anne Maria Smallwood - Owner

Having 8 practices in Northampton and the surrounding area providing our own 24/7 service, we always strive to deliver the best to our pet owners, especially for the very important end of life service. PCS have proven to provide both a compassionate but yet professional service with a range of vessels suiting different tastes and financial circumstances. With many crematoria in the country, PCS are able to react fast with a high degree of flexibility.

Edward Howes - Veterinarian