Below are a few testimonials for us, kindly provided by some of our clients. We value any feedback so please get in touch if you would like to comment on our services.

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I can't thank PCS (Northampton) enough for taking such great care of my best friend and side kick beaux. From the start they were absolutely amazing to me. I'll be forever greatful for the kindness and care they showed to myself and beaux. 

Kelly smith - Owner


I would just like to thank all the wonderful people that work at the Northampton branch, for their compassion and respect shown to my brother and his beloved Conan last Tuesday. At this very sad time for him, he has come through knowing he has his dogs ashes in the beautiful box that he can still talk to. Bev was truly amazing, looking at his photos, just chatting and listening to my brother, just can't thank you all enough for kindness shown (even the two gentlemen that came to the car to collect the dogs body, they just gave him enough time to say his final goodbye.)


Mel Hickman - Owner

I can not thank the Northampton branch enough for everything they did for us yesterday, after losing our beloved dog Blade. From the moment we walked in we where totally overwhelmed with the care and support shown. The Chapel of rest was so beautiful and idyllic for our last farewell. I am truly thankfully that PVD is available to us.. reliable and so breath takingly beautiful inside and out. So I thank you all.

Vanessa - Owner

I recently had to say goodnight, to my labrador Harvey, after 8 years of memories. I opted for an individual cremation option, and used the service provided, at the time I was unaware I could've taken my boy in my car to the cremation place, however the service I was provided was very caring and empathetic, I wanted to be close to him on the day they collected so I took a walk to the memorial Gardens on there ground and met the staff I asked them to look after him gently which they assured they would, thank you for everyone.

Chris Long - Owner

We have just picked up Dave and brought his ashes home. When we opened the box we were surprised to see not only a beautiful card but Daves paw print inside. We had said after his passing that it was something we wished we had done prior and had some regrets we hadn't done it so to see it in the card was a magical, beautiful surprise for us. Thank you so much for the nice casket as well. The whole way in which you do this service is so dignified and respectful and goes a little way to easing the pain of losing a very much loved member of the family. Thank you. 

Paul Hunter - Owner

Can I say what a wonderful place this was to come to today. The visit was always going to be stressful, but your kindness and the surroundings made the job easier. Parting with our beloved boy was mad less stressful, a massive thank you

Jean Doyle - Owner

It’s really sad for my family when losing our beloved pet. Thank you PCS for arranging farewell room then we can say final goodbye to our love Corgi Toro. The whole arrangement was really good, feel warm, and Toro was in very good condition, she was very clean, sleep in a sweet dream, no more pain.

Billy Cheung - Owner

1000% recommend PCS, took superb care of my rottweiler Killion. Lovely place to bid farewell to loved pets, staff were exellent, caring, compassionate. Lovely casket all for exceptional value for money. Thank you very much.

Paul Osborne - Owner

Received my girl Hazel's ashes yesterday. Beautifully presented with paw print and fur clippings too. Special thanks to Mandy who went above and beyond to put mind at rest. Lovely compassionate lady.

Jenny Devaney - Owner

We would just like to thank you for the professional and compassionate service you delivered while looking after our beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Freddie. We were very uncertain of our choice to cremate Freddie but communication between yourselves and the vets in Hinckley helped us immensely.  We are very pleased with both his paw moulds and the ink paw print as well as the scatter tube containing his ashes.  

Thank you all very much 

Lisa and Jason Parker - Owner

PCS Northampton was very understanding and empathetic when we lost our little Jake. Would recommend

David Wozencroft - Owner

Reliable and compassionate - PCS provide a very helpful service at a tough time. Our pet's ashes were returned to our veterinary practice within 7 days, beautifully packaged with the name of our beloved boy on the box. A written guarantee that he was individually cremated and that we had received back our boy was included in the box. Very impressed with the reliable and efficient service and guarantee.

Karen Kirkman - Owner