PCS understands the unique bond that you develop with your equine friend. Our supportive and professional staff will collect your horse, pony or donkey and ensure that they receive a dignified farewell.

Our specialist, sympathetic service, from vehicle to crematorium will help guide you through the process at a distressing time.

Individual or Communal Horse Cremations

There are two different cremation options to choose from; individual or communal. The individual cremation is undertaken in a dedicated cremator with no other pets.

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Ashes can be interred within a selection of carefully chosen caskets and returned or buried within our landscaped gardens. The communal cremation includes other pets and so no ashes can be returned. However, a permanent memorial can be created for your horse, pony or donkey.

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For more information about this service, please call 01772 622 466.


Excellent service, made every process easy with professional service and consideration. I really felt personal interest for my beloved that matters.

Nichola Donald

Sadly this is my 2nd visit here this year after losing both my dogs to old age. Both times we received great service from the staff. Can't recommend highly enough.

Paul Rudge

Thank you for being there. Great service made all the difference in a moment of need. Nice grounds and very reasonable prices. Can't recommend enough, thank you.

Nasser Hussain

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