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Located just outside of Stroud, Gloucestershire, the Limekiln Farm Pet Crematorium is here to provide a fitting farewell for your pet when their time comes.

Our caring and dedicated staff are ready to help with any questions and to provide sensitive advice about pet cremation.

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Thank you for taking care of my precious cat's final journey and for the beautifully presented heart urn, certificate and kind words. It means so much xx 


I just wanted to email and say Thankyou. Arden came home yesterday.


Although a terribly difficult day every thing was beautifully presented. His fur clipping was generous and I could see how it included his light brown patches on his mainly white fur  which I appreciated. His paw print and last minute ink I asked for all beautiful. Not to mention his certificate of cremation.

Thank you for looking after my little man and responding with kindness and clarity after I bombarded you  with emails regarding the procedure in my grief. Thank you for letting me know when he would be collected from the vets by your driver Tony and that you had received him safely. 

 This means the world to me.  My little man was a rescue who had been neglected in his first 3.5 years  and I appreciate the fact his life with me for 7 years was  the polar opposite and the respect and dignity you gave him on his final farewell.

Please pass on my thanks to all involved with Arden at PCS on his final journey.  

Natalia and Arden

I spoke with Jacqui over the phone today and I would like to say, what a wonderful woman you really are. Nothing was too much trouble, her empathy was truly genuine. My dog was sent to Limekiln from my vets, who'd actually told me my dog was being sent to Tewkesbury. So after a huge mix up, which my vets didn't apologise for, I was feeling very upset when I called Limekiln. Jacqui was so apologetic, even though it wasn't her fault. She found out all the details of my dogs cremation and called me straight back. I couldn't be anymore grateful for everything she did and she is a true asset to the pet cremation industry. Thank you Jacqui

Michelle Bishop

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