As members of the IAOPCC (International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories)  all pets are handled and cremated individually with great care and respect. Each pet is cremated on their own thus ensuring that you receive your own pet’s ashes. We provide a certificate that is returned to you with your pet’s ashes. You can find out more on the strict standards we follow here

This will depend on the veterinary practice that you use so it is important that you plan ahead to make sure you and your family get the service you want. Should you wish to use the farewell room, you should contact your local PCS crematorium directly to discuss the services you require before the sad day. This often gives people peace of mind in knowing their exact wishes will be carried out.

At PCS Pet Crematorium's an individual cremation means that your pet will be handled and cremated on its own. As members of the IAOPCC (International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories) we do not cremate several pets on numbered trays at the same time and we do not communally cremate pets and then separate ashes out afterwards. You may view our code of practice here

We have comprehensive arrangements for pet owners via our Veterinary Clients who offer our dignified accredited cremation services via the operation of our regular collections. Your more than welcolme to bring your pet to any one of our crematoriums just reach out to your local PCS crematorium to arrange in person.

It is very important to us that all pets that come to one of the PCS Pet Crematorium's are treated like one of our own. Your pet will be handled carefully at all times and we assure you that they will be treated with the respect that they deserve.

Yes, either by prior appointment or a telephone call before leaving your veterinary practice. You can view our Locations page to find information about our crematoria around the country.

On arrival your pet is placed on a wheeled bier and you and your pet are taken to our Chapel of Rest where you may spend time discussing your requirements and have your last goodbyes in private should you wish.

You may wish to come back to the PCS Crematorium to collect your pet’s ashes. Alternatively we can return ashes directly to your home or your vet, which we are most willing to do, although an additional charge is made for this service.

Yes. We can carry out an immediate cremation upon request. An additional charge is made for this service.

You can pay for our services by cash or by most major credit and debit cards (i.e. Switch & Delta cards). We reserve the right to request payment in advance.

Yes. Many people contact us well in advance of the death of their pet to make sure that their exact wishes can be carried out. The details of both the pets and their owners are kept on file until our help is needed.