Our little grumpy boy, How hard it is to say goodbye, especially when you are so young and so suddenly. If someone had told me yesterday morning that today you'd be gone I would have gotten so mad at them to say such non sense. Despite all, there we are and I can't believe how much of a big hole you've made in our heart. I will miss your little ears getting crazy moving as soon as you heard Taylor Swift, the way you get excited hearing the sound of the morning kale, how your always behind your bun dad begging for more cuddles, pushing our hand (and feet) for us to pet you even more, your cuddles when you felt I was sad, sharing a carrot with you, one bite for you one bite for me. You already are terribly missed and rest assured you will always be immensely loved. You leave us with a hole in a shape of Louis in our hearts. I am confident that your big sister, Cerise, will take care of you until we see each other again. We will always love you. Your mom and dad
Claire & Bruno - Bun parents