Our pets mean the world to us and you can add your own online remembrance book dedication using our simple form. There may be a time delay on your message appearing so please allow for this.

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Muffin came to us at 8 weeks old april 2012, her first few years of her life she struggled with epilepsy but she pulled through & kept going, she became part of our family. every xmas would be fun as xmas morning muffin would be the first to open her presents, then only we would be allowed. her late...

andrew sweeny - my soul mate

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Our precious girl Tails Thank you for always being by my side. You bought us so much joy and happiness and the unconditional love you gave was second to none. It truly was a blessing to have you in our life's as long as we did. Life won't ever be the same without you but I know your at peace now...

Sarah - Cat Mum

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To my little Bubba - thank you for being such a huge part of our lives. You were more than just a pet, you were my childhood best friend. We will never forget all the memories we shared with you - from the constant bursts of energy to the lazy days lounging in the garden or on the sofa. You brough...

Beth - Owner

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Our baby girl Tigsy, Thank you for choosing to live with us for all these years. You were a wonderful girl and you will remain forever in our hearts. We will love you forever. Mummy (Mum-mums) and Sami (Sam-Sams) xxxxxxx...

Jill Strachan - Mother

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Ted Saunders

We tried so hard to keep you but we had to let you go. We couldn’t watch you suffer and I think you told us you had no more to give. You will stay in my heart forever. You were so loved. You’re home with us now and here you will stay.. miss you so much my darling Ted....

Pam Saunders - Owner/mum

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Sleep tight my precious girl you gave us 12 years of happy memories and unconditional love we will miss you and love you always our girl! Run free over the rainbow bridge.❤️

Jessica - Owner

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Dear Bella, you made us all so happy for 17 and a half years. We miss you so much and will love you forever. ❤️ Love, Sammi, Sue & Will. Xxx...

Sammi - Owner

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Our Buddy. You were such a brave handsome boy and we were so lucky to have you in our lives. You brought such joy and love - we miss you evey minute of every day and will love you forever. Run free now Bud Buds - til we meet again...

Clare Morgan - Dog Mum

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Our spicy boy affectionately known as 'Fat Pete'. Gone suddenly and unexpectedly. You were great comfort and company during times when your furless Dad had to work away. We tried to do our best for you at all times and we are so sorry we couldn't get you over this final hurdle. Lots of Love xxx...

Alison - Servant/Poop Scooper/Mum

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My whole world and more Kida, I wish I could have saved you. There are dogs and then there is you, the best one of all. You saved my life and you brought me so much happiness. If heaven has so many angels, why did God take you. A short paragraph can not explain how much you mean to me. Nobody ever t...

Mammy - Owner

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Bonnie and Clyde

Our Sweet Bonnie passed away almost 2 weeks ago the house still doesn't feel the same without her. We are at peace knowing she isn’t in pain anymore and she can be reunited with her Brother Clyde who passed away 16 months ago. Brother and sister reunited at last :(...

Kelsey - Parent

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Our beloved Angel, our dainty baby girl. 18 years, 3 months and 26 days of loving you. Thank you for being my flea best friend, when we found you hiding under a water trough on the farm. You have been her best friend and comfort, her beanie baby cuddle bug. When she left for uni you became my cwtch,...

Lawry - Mamgu

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