Below are a few testimonials for us, kindly provided by some of our clients. We value any feedback so please get in touch if you would like to comment on our services.

I can't thank summerleaze enough for their help. While I was on holiday my darling pug Skye passed away.. in a panic I didn't know what to do.. when I spoke to the staff they were so understanding.. they arranged for my auntie to take Skye up to the crematorium. I expressed that I wanted to pick her up myself when I was home and it was no trouble at all.. the woman I spoke to on the phone was absolutely lovel... Massive thank you to the team for helping in such a awful and heartbreaking situation

Lisa Maggs - Owner

Thank you so much for taking care of Ted. Knowing he was treated with dignity has been so important for us and to have him back home with us means so much. So pleased Teme vets used your service

Pam Saunders - Owner

Thank you for helping me through the process, you made it very reassuring and treated my girl with respect. Thank you so much 

Sinead - Owner

I cannot recommend Summerleaze enough, everyone there is so kind and genuinely caring. I was having a few issues finding someone to take my cat Peter after bank holiday weekend. I was able to pick my cat up from the vets and bring him straight to Summerleaze on the same day, I'm so grateful for how easy they made everything. When we arrived with Peter we were able to sit with him in a peaceful room and say the goodbyes we hadn't had chance to say. We could also leave his favourite toy to be cremated along with him which was a sweet touch. We picked his ashes up the next day and they were presented beautifully along with a pawprint memento. I would add that the price point was accessible and worth every penny in my opinion. Thank you Summerleaze!

CG - Owner

I have used Summerleaze twice. Once in 2020 and yesterday February 2024 for my cats.

The location is so peaceful and the grounds are beautiful. It's appointment only to add a personal touch and I found all staff to be kind, empathetic, caring and informative.

The little Chapel is gorgeous and we weren't rushed in the slightest.

For both cats, we purchased a frame that holds 4 photos and the ashes are in the back. It's presented with care along with a certificate of cremation.

Summerleaze made losing a pet that little bit easier. Thank you. x


M M - Owner

very glad summerleaze made a sad time easier to cope with 

geraint john - Owner

Following the death of my cat Lily I would like to thank all the staff at Summerleaze for the professional and respectful way in which they dealt with her cremation. I had arranged a same day individual cremation so was able to take Lily personally to Summerleaze. The lady who met me (Rainey) was very understanding and sympathetic. I was able to say my goodbyes to Lily in the Farewell Room and Rainey said she would remain with Lily after I had left . I received Lily's ashes back later that afternoon in a lovely box which also included a paw print and a small clipping of her fur. Thank you for treating Lily with the respect and dignity she deserved and for taking care of her on her final journey and also for the compassion you showed me on the day at what was an extremely difficult time. 

Stephen Durrant - Owner

I just wanted to pass my gratitude for the kindness you all showed us when our beloved boy Noddy came to you for his final farewell on Monday.
Rainy was so helpful when we arrived & showed us to the little chapel goodbye room & discreetly allowed us some time to say our final goodbye to our darling Noddy. She had such comforting words or us.
You do not realise what a wonderful service you provide to grieving owners at such sad times.
The whole experience was made somewhat less painful by the beautiful setting of your grounds and the compassion you showed us.
Thank you for treating Noddy & us with such great respect.

Rob Henderson - Owner

Wonderful service, such friendly understanding and compassionate staff. Since finding this place, I've always brought my pets here.

Vicky Creek - Owner

What a lovely service you have to offer, we were devastated losing our little Ariana but it gave us some comfort knowing that she was being cared for with yourselves. The beautiful little wooden urn box we had back, the paw print and the certificate was so lovely to have back to remember our little Ariana. Thank you so much 

Carl & Declan - Owner

Thank you for the care you took of my precious Maggie. 

Liam Richards - Owner

Thank you - You have been amazing. We lost Poppy last year and have just lost Bella, and we are so grateful for your kindness when we phoned up and for letting us know when they were both being cremated, as we had our own memorial at that time which was beautiful. The boxes with their ashes in are also beautiful and come so with lovely certificates and thoughtful quotes on the packaging. You obviously care very much about the whole service you offer and it is so much appreciated. I cannot say how much it all meant to me - especially the kindness offered over the phone - that is exceptional. Thank you, Helen


Helen Muskett - Owner