Posted on: 17th February 2022

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet dog can be an absolutely devastating experience, but fortunately there are ways to deal with the event that give you the chance to memorialise your pet and honour their memory.

Cremation is a safe, respectful way to deal with your dog’s mortal remains, and once the cremation has taken place there are various options for you to create a lasting memory of them.

One of the most often used methods is to scatter your pet’s cremains in a special place, whether that’s at a place you used to visit often with them, for example a park, lake or woods, or in your garden somewhere memorable.

You may also choose to plant a tree in their honour, and place their ashes underneath the tree as a tribute. You can either scatter your dog’s cremains in the soil used to plant the tree or use a biodegradable urn which will slowly become part of the soil around the tree.

Similarly, you can dedicate a piece of garden furniture to your pet’s memory – perhaps a bench in a park or in your garden where you can sit and remember all the times you and your pet shared there. As with the tree, you can place your dog’s cremains in the ground under or near the bench and place a plaque with their name on it on the bench somewhere.

For those whose pets spent time on the water with them, for example on boats, fishing or travelling, you can perform a water memorial and scatter their ashes in the ocean.

If you’d prefer to have their cremains in a symbolic place in your home, you can keep their cremains in an urn that you place on the mantelpiece or some other place of significance in your home. You can add to this by keeping a photo of them nearby.

There are also really lovely options to memorialise your pet in glass ornaments or in jewellery that keeps a small part of their cremains within the piece as a permanent reminder of them.

There are no right or wrong options, it’s really up to you as to how you’d like to remember your beloved hound. For help on dealing with the loss of your dog or other pet, and for a range of options to memorialise them, contact PCS today on 01604 740 864 or email

What is the best way to deal with your Dog’s Cremation Ashes?