Posted on: 13th April 2022

Losing a beloved pet is an extremely heartbreaking event, but there are many beautiful ways to memorialise your beloved animal. 

One of the nicest ways to remember your pet is to create a memorial nook in your garden in which you plant a shrub or tree, preferably one that is perennial and will give you and your family a long-lasting lasting and beautiful reminder.

To help you select an ideal plant, here is a list of the shrubs we think work best.


Beautiful blue, pink or white flowers which bloom in masses from spring onwards, the Lilac is a versatile option for your memorial garden.


Covered in clusters of scented pink or white flowers, Abelias bloom throughout summer and into autumn. Low maintenance and evergreen, these are ideal as memorial plants.


There is a wide range of Hydrangeas to choose from including flatter flower heads or larger domed varieties. Their soft pink, white or blue flowers are an absolute sight, and they flower for long periods.


Masses of spring flowers in numerous colours including red, pink, purple, yellow or white on compact shrubs make Rhododendrons ideal for smaller memorial gardens.


There is a wide range to choose from in the Viburnum cultivar, from big to small, deciduous to evergreen. They are often scented and offer lovely variations of pink and white which bloom from autumn to late spring, giving you some winter colour and scent in your memorial garden.

Butterfly bush

Their distinctive cone-shaped, scented flowers attract pollinators and bring a lovely focal point in any memorial garden.


These hardy perennials have a distinctive two-tone flowers in shades of white, red, pink and purple, and like a shadier spot for memorial gardens that offer more dappled light.

There are many plants to choose from, and of course you can also plant trees to add to the overall effect. Combine this with a bench, a plaque and other mementos from your pet’s life and you’ll have a quiet, contemplative and beautiful place to honour the memory of your pet. 

If you need guidance or advice on memorials for your pet, or help with bereavement or any other aspect of losing your pet, please contact us on 01604 740 864 or

Ideal Plants to Memorialise your Pet