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"You couldn't wish to find a better place or people who care about what you are going through twice in one year and still the same kindness thank you for all you have done.

Graham Lovejoy


"The loss of our beloved cat moose was sudden, and unexpected. We had had him from a kitten for less than a year, and it's amazing how attached we became with him after such a short space of time. But when you love something so much, it's really easy to become attached. From start to finish the staff at pcs, especially jody, acted with such compassion and understanding to our loss that a 5 star rating just doesn't do it justice. I can't recommend them enough. Please, don't go anywhere else."

Mark Sockett


"I had to have my beloved dog Keiko put to sleep on Tuesday 29th May 2018: Heartbroken doesn’t come anywhere near I brought this little man into this world and watch him take his first breath as I was helping with delivering as mum can give them hernias if she breaks there sacks, I didn’t know my husband was going to get one for me it was a complete surprise but he was my soulmate, Hence the reason we were with him when he took his last I had missed pcs that day which I didn’t know till he was put to sleep that he wouldn’t be picked up till the next Tuesday, but after not eating for three days and getting more upset I decided to try and find out where he would go, which I did and they have been absolutely fantastic very professional and caring and completely understanding which really helps they let me bring him to them they were very welcoming when we arrived and after a chat she laid him in the chapel of rest so I could say my final farewell which meant the world to me ,and any animal lover would understand this I can not praise the team at PCS Doncaster enough thank you I would definitely recommend them Sleep well little man till we meet again xoxoxo"

Jan Atkinson

"So lovely to deal with nothing is too much trouble and the casket was lovely for my own pet. thank you so much - kelly staff forest vets Mansfield"

Kelly Evans

"Would recommend this service very highly very compassionate lovely people, a beautiful final resting place for your pet can't thank them enough for looking after Sally for me xxxxxxx"

Alison Harden

"Lovely place, I saw my rabbit here that had passed away. The lady we spoke to was so helpful and kind. We did a molding of her foot whilst she was in the chapel of rest. The place was so quiet and we were allowed to spend as much time with her as we wanted. Thank you to the lady that helped us at this sad time in our lives. The book that they had in the chapel too was a lovely idea what we were able to write in. Thank you so much."

Lauren peel

"We lost our wonderful dog Giggsy in December and wanted to get him cremated. The lady at PCS was lovely and so caring, she told us I could bring our boy straightaway and that if he had any favourite toys or blankets I could bring them. When we arrived at PCS, the lovely lady took us and Giggs into the chapel of rest, where we got time to put all Giggsy's things out and spend quality time together. When we were ready, we left Giggsy to be cremated and came back a few hours later to collect his ashes. It was such a warm and caring experience, I felt happy that our boy had been treated with respect and dignity. I can't recommend this company enough."

Lucy Simister

"This was our 2nd visit in almost as many months...on both occasions, we were shown empathy and caring beyond our expectations..this is a wonderful place to entrust your beloved pet too. I would highly recommend if you love your pet and want the best to the very end"

Iynsey Genders

"They were really sympathetic, was a very sad time for us. must love pets dearly"

Margaret Paton

"Thoroughly recommend I rang the crematorium to inquire about having my dog cremated. It was the hardest discussion I have ever had to make as I loved my dog Bracken so much and knew when I took him to the vets later that afternoon he wouldn't be coming home with me. The lady I spoke to was absolutely amazing and really did put my mind at rest. He was taken to the crematorium from the vets. When I went to pick Brackens ashes up I was really surprised what a lovely peaceful place it was. I can't thank these people enough, they made one of hardest things I've ever had to do in my life feel so special xx"

Sharon Slaven

"We went to see out beloved dog today laid in the chapel of rest and was very happy with the service and the lady we spoke to was very caring and helpful."

June Lockwood

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