We lost you just last week exactly a year to the day we lost your Great Nan. Officially I became your Mom, when your furry Mom passed 2 years ago. Until then, I was 'Nan'. But none of this matters as you broke my heart when you couldn't survive the last Asthma attack. The marvellous staff at the Vets did all they could, but couldn't save you. I first fell in love with you the day you were born. I never dared to hope you would be mine, as I had promised you to Auntie Carol (now also in heaven). She couldn't take you at that time, so you became mine (in reality I was always yours) along with your Brother Norman. Your other 3 siblings went to a good home. And so our love story began. You saw me through some very dark times when Daddy Ceri went with the Angels and other traumas occurred. Our time together was not enough, where have 13 and a quarter years gone? I came to say goodbye today, but I pray we will be together again one day. You and the others will meet me at Rainbow Bridge. Goodnight God bless sweetheart, my turtle sexy legs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mommy Jo - Owner or should I say she owned me
Delilah Perkins