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3 weeks nearly and miss you so much little lady. A huge part of my life for 19 years. R.I.P Gypsy. You will be forever in my heart.

Kellie white - Owner

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Bella De-La-Cour

Re: Bella De-La-Cour you were the most gorgeous little girl ever. You we're loved and cherished by all and always will be. Your brother gizmo misses you the most, ge looks everywhere trying to find you I think he thinks I've hidden you somewhere. Kc misses you so much. Your vets love you to bits, th...

Jayne De-La-Cour - Mum

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Thor you where my best friend I remember when you used to go into Asda and I would get lots of calls asking if you where my cat and then you wanted to go to the pub and even once got on the bus only if I could get them calls again I would be grateful but sadly on the 03/03/2023 we sadly found out th...

Charlotte - Owner

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"Dinosaur to Asda, your stuff has to be a lot. So you can have a job with movies" - "I liked showing Tipsy my dinosaurs" - Love from your little monster friend Reuben A gorgeous, whacky girl. With the funniest little meow, the stalking of food and funny looks will be missed. Not only by us but your...

Your friends and family - Owners

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Our brave and beautiful boy Buddy, we were so lucky and privileged to have been able to adopt you when you were nearly 10 years old. You made our life complete and gave us the most happy years together. Sadly it was not meant to last, just short of your 18th birthday, cancer reared it's ugly head. Y...

Mr and Mrs M D Rogers - Owner

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Our little grumpy boy, How hard it is to say goodbye, especially when you are so young and so suddenly. If someone had told me yesterday morning that today you'd be gone I would have gotten so mad at them to say such non sense. Despite all, there we are and I can't believe how much of a big hole yo...

Claire & Bruno - Bun parents

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Jessie, our beautiful, sweet, intelligent and cheeky girl! How do we say goodbye? You fought your way through so many battles, and taught us all so many things about life and hope. You will never be forgotten, you will be loved and cherished with us forever. From your devastated family....

Mummy - Mum/Owner

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Our dearest Puss, we miss you so much and not a day goes by that we don't think about you, mummy and daddy love you more than words can describe and life feels empty without you in it. We know you're having the best time over the rainbow bridge and we know we will meet again one day sweet boy x...

Jodie - Mummy

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My sweet little man, I cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for me. From conquering each of our anxieties together, to spending hours brushing you, to feeding you slices of ham, every moment I got with you was an individual blessing. My heart is irreparably broken now you're not here, but...

Kayleigh - The light of my life

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Rocey Mawson

Our pud nod, and little sausage, We only had 3years and 10 months together. In that little time you gave us so much love joy and happiness. Together we have been though so much, Your were the bravest little girl ever, insulin twice a day. bloods checks / test. you were absolute treasure and simply t...

Amy Mawson - Mummy

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Dear Tilly it’s been just over a year since we lost you to a sudden illness,not a day goes passed without thinking of you, your dominance,hugs & door greetings…love you Tills XX...

Pauline Drake - Owner

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Bertie Skinner

You Gained Your Angel Wings, and We Weren't Ready To Say Goodbye. Fly High Our Beautiful Bertie You will be dearly missed by us ALL...

Hannah Skinner - Guniea Pig Mum

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