The loss of a pet can be a very upsetting experience. Having provided you with love and affection throughout their life, a much-loved family member deserves to be treated with dignity when they pass away.

We offer a choice of services for you to give them a dignified service.

Individual Pet Cremation

Planning for Goodbye


Individual Pet Cremation

This option provides for your companion to be individually cared for and cremated alone in a single chamber with the following further choices:

  • Your pet's ashes to be scattered, at no additional cost to you, within our Garden of Remembrance.
  • Your pet's ashes returned to you within a complimentary scatter box.
  • Your pet's ashes returned to you in handmade wooden casket with nameplate.
  • Your pet's ashes to be buried within the Pet cemetery in a chosen grave.

Selection of Carefully Chosen Caskets

We have a selection of simple urns, wooden caskets and cast or carved animal shaped vessels for your pets ashes available to purchase. 

Burial of your pets or your pet's ashes in landscaped gardens

The cemetary occupies an area of some five acres set amidst green-belt countryside. The cemetery provides an idylllic resting place for your pet. A choice of coffins, surroundings and grave markers are available. 

Permanent memorial

We have a number of engraved plaques and memorials available to purchase.

Arranging a Pet Cremation

Bringing Your Pet to Us



"Found the staff to be compassionate and very helpful during this difficult time losing our beloved dog Reggie suddenly. They gave us time to say goodbye and were extremely kind.  Thank you"

Julie Ableman

"Unfortunately another trip to Surrey Crematorium today but again a fantastic service. Kind, compassionate and so much time for their clients. Incredibly professional and as always."

Jamaine Woodward

"Have used this facility over many years & have always found them to be professional, helpful & sympathetic. Sadly I have used them on more than a few occasions & have always been very satisfied."

Sue Thomas

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