Below are a few testimonials for us, kindly provided by some of our clients. We value any feedback so please get in touch if you would like to comment on our services.

Google Reviews

Did a very good job looking after our dog Pipi and helping our family deal with the loss. Would highly recommend.

Cormac Leech - Owner

We used the cremation service through our vet. Although we didn’t have any direct contact with them, they still managed to make a heartbreaking situation a little easier. Our beloved Puss was returned to us in the most beautiful way, I really can’t thank you enough for the care that went into everything, 5 stars well deserved!

Jodie Richards - Owner

Our vet arranged for our "Kiwi" boy to be cremated here. I was worried about it feeling like a lesser cremation and more of a transaction but I've just received our boy back and I'm overwhelmed with how thoughtful and lovely everything is.

We got his perfect pawprint back and his casket came in nice packaging and you can tell everything has been handled with such care and attention. Makes the whole process so much easier and I'm so happy to know he was in such good hands. Thank you.

Megan Mitchell - Owner

Easy to use website . Polite telephone manners , very helpful . Understanding , quick reply on email. Just waiting for our fur baby to come home 

Amy Mawson - Owner

I highly recommend this pet crematorium, I have lost three of my much loved pets in the last 12 months and I have taken all three here. I have received the most sensitive response each and everytime. Even when crying on the phone they have been supportive and not rushed me.

When I have dropped my pets to them, they have shown that they really care.

Sarah Rumbelow - Owner

On 22nd October I had the Burial for my beautiful Tia. This is the second time I used the Surrey Pet Cemetery for burial. Staff was excellent , very understanding the emotions we are going through. We been given enough time to spend with Tia at the parlour . Burial done by staff with lots of respect . Thank you so much

Hasangani de Silva - Owner

When I said goodbye to my bubba the staff were very respectful thankyou so much for everything you done for myself and family 


Michelle Everitt - Owner

Surrey pet cemetery and crematorium we're absolutely wonderful, so much care was given to our family after losing our Oonie aka Luna. Very friendly and caring and welcomed us when we wanted to see our girl one last time. The service given was outstanding. Thank you for helping ease the pain. Thank you so much  

Susie hosken - Owner

Amazing staff, very kind and understanding, even though I was running late they still facilitated the farewell room for me to spend abit of time with my dog, they managed to get my cremation done the same day and I was happy overall with the services I received, I'm glad I used your cemetary for my girl to be laid to rest. Thank you for everything on that day. 

Daniel Santana - Owner

We lost our lovely cat last year and went to the Surrey crematorium. It was a very sad day for us but the service there were really great and professional, giving us enough time to say goodbye to our cat. Much appreciated! 

Kairui Huo - Owner

Sadly ive had to use surrey pet crematorium twice in a couple of months. They are respectful and offer a personal and efficient service and their prices are competitive. Thank you

Marina Neves - Owner

We received a wonderful service. We had no idea what to do but when I called the staff were very kind and helpful. They put our pet in a bed with a blanket and we were able to spend some time with him in the farewell room. We got a free fur clipping and chose an ink paw print. We opted for a communal cremation but they had lovely keepsakes on display if you wanted to keep the ashes. The grounds and cemetery itself are very beautiful. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone going through this very difficult time.

Jos Canavan - Owner