Posted on: 1st December 2021

Our pets are such an integral and important part of our lives, and when the time comes to say goodbye, it can be hugely emotional, with a number of decisions that need to be made in terms of dealing with your pet’s remains, including how you want to memorialise them.

Making a decision between burial and cremation can potentially be a confusing one, and whilst there is no right or wrong selection, it’s useful to know what your options are so that you can honour you pet appropriately.

Why to avoid backyard burial

Whilst you may want to bury your pet on your own, there are some dangers that doing so poses to other pets, wildlife and the environment.

In the case of pets which are put to sleep, the highly-concentrated anaesthetic used to do so remains in their bodies for up to a year, and should the remains be scavenged by another animal, they may well be poisoned by the euthanasia solution.

Your pet may also die of a disease, their remains may still pose a risk – for example, parvovirus in dogs, which can cause severe or even fatal gastrointestinal disease in puppies and young dogs.

And of course, you may also not always live where you buried your pet, and if you move you cannot take them with you.

Safe options to say goodbye

There are far safer options to select from, including professional burial services or cremation services that deal with your pet’s remains respectfully and safely.

Burial in a pet cemetery can be a good option, and you can memorialise your pet in various ways but you should consider what might happen if you need to move, and may then not be able to visit your pet’s grave on commemorative days, for example.

In the case of cremation, you may also be able to select interment or burial of the ashes, but there are options to keep your pet’s ashes in a commemorative urn or keepsake, which you can take with you if you should move, or even put in a special place in your garden with a home memorial.

There are both individual and communal cremation options to select from, allowing you to make a choice based on your preference, budget and desired outcome.

At PCS we offer a range of dignified, accredited cremation options as well as a selection of commemorative keepsakes so that you can honour your pet’s life in a meaningful, personal manner.

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Guidance and Advice on Selecting Burial or Cremation for Your Pet