Individual Pet Cremations

Individual Pet Cremation

Individual Pet Cremations at PCS means one pet one chamber with the careful removal of the cremated remains after each cremation.

PCS only have individual chambers or communal which means we do not as a business carry out any divided or tray style cremations and pass them off as individual. You get what you pay for with PCS, no secrets just an open house honest policy.

Our procedures:

We record the following details for every individual cremation we carry out for your assurance.

The unique individual request document number, time of the cremation, chamber number, time cremation ends and the operative carrying out the cremation. After which the ashes are cooled, then pass through our cremulator which reduces the small bone fragments to what is fine ash.

The fine ash is then placed into the temporary scatter box unless you have chosen an alternative receptacle such as an urn or casket which can be found on our website store or by asking your veterinarian - they also have these options as brochures in the practice.

Please note - The prices shown in our online store exclude the cost of cremation