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Our pets mean the world to us and you can add your own online remembrance book dedication using our simple form. There may be a time delay on your message appearing so please allow for this.

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Tilly may

Rip tilly may 12 years we where together and they was the best 12 years of my life you grew old happily your legs got tierd and your body become fragile, I am so greatful we got to do all that traveling together seeing diffrent beaches mountains parks and forests you was my bestfriend Your sist...

Chelsea - Human mum

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Ted Saunders

We tried so hard to keep you but we had to let you go. We couldn’t watch you suffer and I think you told us you had no more to give. You will stay in my heart forever. You were so loved. You’re home with us now and here you will stay.. miss you so much my darling Ted....

Pam Saunders - Owner/mum

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03/05/2024 Holly, we miss you so much. We were so lucky to have 15 years with you, but no amount of time would have ever been enough. Thank you for being the most loving and wonderful dog, we will think of you everyday. Sleep tight my sweet girl....

Holly’s family - Mum

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I had you from a pup . You gave use 5 years of happiness. You was like a little son so cleaver and trying to talk to use . You are a very special dog . We will never forget you . Rest in peace till we meet again...

Jeanie - Best friend

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Goodbye my toots after rescueing u at just before 2 yrs old i never in my life thought that id be without you! you was always by my side you was with me through 3 out of my 6 pregnancys you was my thearpy dog and my best friend i never felt alone you was with me 24/7 i gave you the best life i could...

Cherie - Owner/best friend

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My beautiful brave furry best friend, you did the best job looking after me for almost 16 years. My heart is in pieces, run free in the warm sunshine chasing the birdies - now you're back with your granny who'll have the treaties waiting for you. Always with me by my side wherever I am. Until we ...

Mummy Marie - Owner

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RIP Bruno Beloved family member, Go Fly High Over the rainbow and see Jake and Peppa. Always in our hearts! You’re no longer in pain. Gentle giant, everyone loved you and we’ll all miss you very very much, gone to soon.. XXXXX...

Caroline & Craig Flynn - Owner

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Our sweet girl Gem, you taught us so much, without ever saying a word. Your love and loyalty knew no bounds. How blessed were we, having 11 years and 11 months with you, your were the centre of our world. Too pure a soul to suffer I had to let you free. You shall be missed forever and always. Your s...

Sandra Ismail - Mum

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Good bye our precious little fur baby. You brought us so much happiness and have left us with a huge gaping hole in our hearts. We miss you and love you so much Steve night night mate have a lovely sleep. Love Dad, Mum and Freddie xxxx...

Mark Brown - Owner

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she was lovely and joyful dog she made everyone smile when she walked into a room and was a very caring dog me and my family will miss her greatly and will never forget the times we had with our beautiful dog sleep tight bluebell i’ll forever miss you...

alsha renahaw - my dog

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Miss blue bell

To my little princess mummy miss you ever day l miss your smile l miss you at the door l miss your feet on the floor l miss the sleeping next to me l miss the crazy days when you play and run up down l miss them smiles you give me you were amazing little girl mummy l will never forget you slept well...

Samantha Renshaw - Mummy

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Crystal we miss you so much we will also love you and you will never be forgotten rest in peace baby mam dad and brother Tom...

May Haley - Mam

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