Thursday 3rd of November 2016, 9am, the Vet told us to come at 10am to put you to sleep
I spent the last hour of your life staring at you, crying, cuddling and kissing you.
The journey to the Vet was awful.I felt so sad and guilty.I felt I was letting you down cos we couldn't save you and the vet was telling us that was the only way.I stayed with you.I couldn't stop crying.You were only 9 years old.A gorgeous Jack Russell, brown with white Paws.My Boy!
We left you at the Vet to be taken to the Crematorium few days later but I couldn't bare it so we went to pick you up few days after and drove you back home and to pcs ourselves
The lady there was ever so nice.everything was surreal but we had to do that last journey with you.It's so hard and I am still crying everyday.I miss you so much my Boy.
We love you forever Alfie. You were such a beautiful boy.Thank you for being part of our lives xxx

Nicole - Owner