Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Akeesha

My darling little poppet, Akeesha, my heart has been broken in two since the day we had to say goodbye, you came to me in 2003 at 8 weeks, you have been my baby, my friend, my rock. We've shared so many good times together, and sad times, you were always there in my hour of need, the same as I was always there in your hour of need. It really broke my heart to have to let u go on 2nd August 2021 after 18 years and 37 days, u closed your eyes and went to sleep, to shine bright as a star u were, you closed your eyes and went to sleep, to keep all those memories we had made together close to you. You closed your eyes and went to sleep and I know you are now out of pain and running free once again over that rainbow bridge. Until we meet again my Akeesha mummy will never forget you, I will always love you and think about you till we can be together again. Love u, mummy
Carole Peachey - Mummy