Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Amy

You came to us June 2021 as my daughter couldn't cope with your illness with having overactive thyroid and you had to have two doses of medicine a day morning and night,you had to be given food that didn't upset your tummy and you started putting weight on which is good,you were very loving and loved company sitting between us on the sofa,your purring was very loud for such a small cat you became because of your illness and you purred when eating and loved a stroke and kissed our fingers.You had to be in a cage first of all because you was ill and couldn't hold your toilet then you was getting better,it never lasted we wanted you to live a lot longer even though you was 14years old you went downhill last week 10th Dec and then beginning of the week 13th Dec you seemed better in yourself and you lost a bit of weight but I was trying to build you up,but your little body could not put weight on properly you were so fragile and yesterday 16th Dec 2021early evening you was breathing badly we rushed you to vets to help you out of pain,it was so terrible with your small crys and my tears running down my face as I held you close wrapped in my arms we had to put you to sleep after they gave you pain killer my chest hurt after so much grief,my husband was very upset I spoke to Amy we will meet again and you will run over fields with no illness.When we got home I said Amy we love you and sorry we couldn't save you.I started to have a good cry the next morning and felt Amy was at in peace sweetheart till we meet again..
Marguerite - Fur Mother