On 4th October, our world fell apart, we had to get our beloved dog put to sleep, due to illness.

We were so proud and honoured to call Becky ours, she was our baby.

When we went to Carluke to bring her home 14 years ago, it was the best day ever, it was a pleasure and joy to have her in our lives.

She was the Boss, she was no 1,she was caring, loving, sweet, gentle, cute, loyal, cuddly, adorable, mischievous, so beautiful, the best friend you could ever have, a true Lady and a Hero, she loved us as much as we loved her. She will always be by our sides and always in our hearts forever.

Rest in peace and thank you for being the best cocker spaniel ever for touching our lives the way you did.

Love and miss you so much Becky,


Mummy, Daddy, Big Brother Martin and Sam - Owners