Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Bella De-La-Cour

Re: Bella De-La-Cour you were the most gorgeous little girl ever. You we're loved and cherished by all and always will be. Your brother gizmo misses you the most, ge looks everywhere trying to find you I think he thinks I've hidden you somewhere. Kc misses you so much. Your vets love you to bits, they are saddened by your departure; but they know you're going to a better place. On Monday, you're going by private car all by yourself, and then you will be home. You will be shattered in the sea to find the angels that's are awaiting you to find your family in heaven. We all love you dearly down here but the Angels will take care of you. Your mum and Levi has just visited you one more time what a pretty little girl you are. With hugs and kisses and all our love from Mum and Levi. You will be remembered always ❤️ ❤️

Jayne De-La-Cour - Mum
Bella De-La-Cour