Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Bertie

Bertie, our little man. 24.11.09 – 03.03.22 The best 12 years of our lives, have been the ones shared with you. You brought so much love, happiness and joy to our world. Through walks with you, we made so many new friends. Wherever we went, you came too, us three, our little family. You were the baby we never had, the heartbeat that made our home complete, and it’s so terribly empty without you. You have touched so many hearts that now lie broken. You were just so easy to love. Sleep well, our beautiful baby boy, our little Chocolate Drop. Today, 11.03.22., we laid you to rest. Mummy & Daddy did and will love you forever. Until we’re together again. Mary & Simon Parker-Swift
Simon & Mary Parker-Swift - Owners