Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Binky

To binky, I wish our time together could have been longer, you came into our lives 9 months ago when my granddaughter brought you home from the streets where your life was not so good. You are beyond loved and I won’t forget our time together, from you moaning (meowing) at me constantly when it was our time to settle in bed and I had to make sure I was in the perfect position for you to go to sleep, when it was your tea time I would know about it because you would be shouting at me and all the snuggles that we had. You will be forever missed and I will always be thinking about you, goodnight sleep tight my beautiful baby girl. Love from mum X To binky I love you and I’m so happy I brought you home from the streets when I first saw you I instantly knew that you had to be mine and I made a little wish that came true from when you were left out on the streets In the storm to a warm home good night hope you have a better life in heaven. I love you baby love from Ava xxxxxxxxxx
Dawn Martin - Mum