Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Cas Gaines

My beautiful prince Caspien , you taught me how to love. You gifted me 14 precious years my baby boy and it doesn’t feel like we had long enough . On April 7th my heart completely broke as you passed . But on that day , until the end , it was you and I looking into each others eyes . Thank you for being the little love of my life , for such a small compact being your character and heart were just so much bigger than you , you were so loved and loving . Your big little heart was your Achilles heel . You and I loved each other so much and you were loved by others too , your loss is felt . You have left me with the best memories . I know we will find each other in the next life or you will find me again in this one when your special soul isn’t busy doing other work . Love you forever & always Casper , always & forever xxxx
Gracie - His mum
Cas Gaines