Well, my little man, Charlee is now back at home with us. It feels so strange, I'm devastated but still don't think it has sunk in, I keep imagining seeing him everywhere and waiting to hear his bark. Charlee boy gone but never ever forgotten. A solid little chunk of a dog and ever so feisty! You were an absolute legend. So loyal to me, my little best friend for 10 years through thick and thin. A real pleasure to walk but boy if you saw another dog you weren't keen on would you go wild full hackles the lot haaa!! You could chew through anything and would eat absolutely everything. We even had to move the bin when we went out.
You accepted Missy and were great friends for 5 years she really does miss you, we all do and the cats which you secretly adored. I caught you all cuddled up plenty of times! Our baby daughter Poppy still looks for you on a morning bless her she is far too young to understand. 
I am trying to cope with the guilt of having you put to sleep my boy but we know the time was right, I am still truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.
You will be in our hearts forever and I will never forget the great times we had, ten years of happiness brought into my life. You really did look after me. 
Sleep tight little man until we meet again when I promise I will give you your favourite head massage. Love you Charlee xxxxxx

Emily Wilkinson - Owner