Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Charlie

On 17th January, we had to make a difficult choice to let you go my handsome man. You weren't yourself and I took you in for x-rays and ultrasounds and you never came home, we found out that you had advanced cancer of the spleen and it had spread into your lungs. We couldn't bare to see you in pain and our hearts broke knowing you were crossing the rainbow bridge but we know that you are free from pain and are your normal bouncing self up with my nan and grandad. That you're reunited with your furbrother, my gorgeous cat Ellis and I know that my nan has you wrapped around her little finger and are getting all of your favourite treats and playing with all of your favourite toys and you're running around like the little speed boy you used to be. 10 years old and my best friend. I love you my little snugglebots, until we meet again sweet boy
Victoria Myers - Mum