Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Chief

My best boy Chief, it’s almost been a week since you had to leave us so suddenly and so quickly… You were ready even if I was not. So we told you that you didn’t need to be brave anymore and not to worry about us. You fell asleep one last time with me by your side… and now you are free of pain and forever in my heart! You gave us the best 9.5yrs full of love and endless memories (just like the time you randomly decided you didn’t like the curtains and pulling them down 3 times in 3 weeks just before your 7th birthday, I laughed then and still laugh about it now - it’s a good job dad loved you as much as he did (and still does) as it wasn’t quite as funny to him at the time!) Go have fun in the clouds my boy we can both look forward to long lie in’s and snuggles on the sofa together again when the time is right xxx
Shirley - Mum/Owner