Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Chirpy

Our beautiful little Chirpy, you came into our lives at a very difficult time in 2011 and brought us joy for 12.5 years. You were great friends with our huskies, Halli and later with Kira. We will miss your little chirps and even you waking us up in the mornings. You wouldn’t use the dog/cat flap but insisted on going out through the bathroom window and sitting on the roof. When we found out you had a heart problem last Christmas we were told you would probably only live for another week, but you did so brilliantly and beat the odds, going on for another 7 months. We began to think we’d have you for much longer but sadly that wasn’t to be. It broke our hearts to let you go but we couldn’t watch you suffer. You’ll be in our hearts forever, and so will the pain of losing you. Sleep now my beautiful Chirpy x.
June & Graeme Pryce - Lifelong companions