Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Douglas

A tribute for my dog. From the moment I first saw you I loved you. Your broken, battered,wounded and skinny little body, filthy and matted, I saw through all of that and saw a beautiful, brave dog. Humans had hurt you so badly yet you trusted me and together, we started this incredible journey. You helped me heal when I lost willow, the two of us living together in my flat. You being a terror, me trying to teach you how to behave! Daily walks in Moseley park with you and your pal Charlie. You welcomed my niece and nephew and they used to say you were 'too bouncy'. We moved into our 'grown up' house. You couldn't believe your luck to have a garden, stealing the flower pots,eating the bird seed and digging up the lawn. You welcomed numerous animals into our home. You were there beside me when we got married, I wouldn't have done it without you with me. You were the first to greet the brand new human we brought home. You gave her your slipper and your heart. Her first word was' Doug' An amazing big brother and the bond was unbreakable. You were with her for each milestone and a great "dogparent" at her christening. Luckily a fantastic vicar knew you were just as much my family and welcomed you into church. You missed her so much when she started school and it was you she wanted when she got home. It was your soft yellow fur I cried into after each miscarriage, my heart broken but again you got me through. You became the 'sensible' one when we brought Henry home. You came on every holiday and our honeymoon with us. Your insatiable appetite was hard to control, stealing endless volumes of food, breaking into cupboards... several trips to the vets to remove contraband from your tummy. Weve had so many adventures, mishaps and stories, too many to mention. You are at the heart of my family. You lived over 12 years, such a short time but far longer than any of us expected. You left us exactly 11 years to the day that Willow did. I love you more than I can explain, I will miss you forever, more than anyone will ever know or that I can say. I love you forever, my dog in a million, my friend. Rest in peace my darling Douglas. I will never forget you and a piece of my heart has gone with you. Until we meet again my darling boy. Thankyou Douglas for your love and trust. 15.5.07-5.8.19

Amy Garner - His mumma