Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Eddie

Eddie was such a good natured little fella and had a great character, with his velvet ears, his fat piggy belly and his bandy legs. He would streak as fast as his little legs would carry him to anywhere there might be food, to the pet shop, under the fence of the kids park for picnic leftovers, up the main road being chased by the police, he even caught a young couple canoodling in the bushes and ran across the field with the girl's bra in his mouth! We feel he had a great life, walkies was now limited to round the pond as his bandy legs couldn’t take him much further without limping. Lots of strokes and cuddles, cuppa tea time and Mamma’s bed, he was a pampered pooch! However, he thinks he was hard done by as he didn't have access to a 24/7 buffet! He will be sorely missed, but he provided us with so much love and we were blessed to have had him in our lives Love you always Mummy and Daddy xx
Caroline Marden - Owner