Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Eddie

Eddie Dumay ✝️ RIP 21 Jan '22 The sun was shining especially for you this morning.... You're free now my boy.... free to sunbathe... to chatter at the birds... to knit and purr... to have your crazy, funny moments that make others laugh. No more pain, no more nausea, no more stress.... Time to relax again and be your cuddly self. It's nearly 10 years ago that I saw your ad in the local paper. A cat overlooked at the RSPCA... 6 years old. I took you home and you became my companion. The one I went to bed with and woke up next to. It certainly wasn't always easy. Your feline step brothers bullied you - you gentle soul. When they crossed the rainbow bridge, it was time for you and me. You always managed to make me laugh... but you were also a real softy... with some very quirky behaviour. You loved the smell of my feet and armpits. For you that was the best thing ever...and you would purr your head off, in 7th heaven. Then I decided to get a puppy. You poor boy... you tried so hard to welcome her. But all she wanted to do was kill you. So we separated the house in 2 and built a cat walk so you could still enjoy time outside. The last couple of weeks have been tough. This week your purring stopped. We tried everything to get you well again. But it was not to be. Sleep well my handsome boy, Mr Eddie the Edster, Mr Tuxedo, Mr Handsome Boy, Mr Edushki-Edushka, Edushka-Edushki. I will always love you so so much. I miss you already- my heart is so sore. Please wait for me by the rainbow bridge. And be in peace. I know your brother and guardian angel Lucky the Luckster will look afteryou till then. With all my love- your mum xxx ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Ms Natasja Dumay - Mum and companion