Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Fudge

This is something I never thought I would have to write, our hearts are completely broken. Fudge was the most loving pet you could ever ask for. She loved big snuggles, and you couldn’t help but want to snuggle her as she had the most gorgeous big brown eyes. She could get away with anything when she looked at you because then eyes would melt your heart! She was such a little character, always trying to steal our food or trying to pull the blankets off the sofa to make herself a bed. We had the most amazing 9 years with her, so many amazing funny memories that will stay with us forever. Just can’t believe you aren’t here, everytime we walk through the door we expect you to run at us and steal our shoe. Biscuit keeps going outside looking for you, but don’t worry we are giving her plenty of cuddles! We love you so much fudge, we will talk about these funny memories for the rest of our lives! We hope you are having fun up there! Rest in paradise our gorgeous little girl! ❤️
Shae - Sister