Goodnight Simba

Simba, you were 4 weeks old when I first saw you and I knew there and then that you were the one that I wanted to join our family - a little brother for Sola. I had searched for weeks for a black fluffy tomcat and I had finally found you. 3 weeks later you arrived home, my little bundle of fluff.

During our 17 years together we became best friends, we knew each other's feelings and I could read you like a book, Every meow, cry or movement, I knew your every thought and behaviour, best of friends. 

You were always loving and loyal. Never a night went by when you did not come and get on the bed and lay next to me during the night - you hated being away from me. We had a bond no one could break and even now it will remain as strong. 

As the years past and you got older, you needed me more and I also needed you. Today I came home to find you gone, hit by a car and left to drag yourself home, crying in pain and for me. Whilst 2 neighbours waited with you for the RSCPA, you still had to wait 3 hours in pain before they arrived to help you and take you to the vets, I can't understand why those people actually sat with you rather than take you to the vets! I am so sorry I was not there to say goodbye, it breaks my heart to know that you were scared and frightened crying and all you wanted was me to love and reassure you, cradle you in my arms and tell you I love you. My baby, I am so so sorry. 

So now as my hearts breaks writing this, it is time for you to be reunited with Sola, to roam free where no pain or danger can find you.

Your ashes will be placed on my window with Sola's until we are all reunited again.

RIP my baby boy. Love always xxx

Paula Perrin - Owner
Goodnight Simba