Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Harvey, aka Half a He, Big Oof and ooffas

Our darling Harvey left our lives on Thursday October 26th 2023 to be with his fur sister Bonnie.. He was a loving , faithful companion to us for the last eight of his fifteen years of life having been rescued at seven years of age from the dogs trust. I hope he knew how much he was loved by us, and that he loved us in return. He is going to be greatly and deeply missed by his fur brothers, Bruno and Chase ( the cat) and his fur sister Ruby and by us, his human family. Thank you , my handsome fella , for all of the wonderful memories, and times that we shared. Enjoy running pain free over the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again in the near future my darling boy. We love you to eternity and beyond xxxxxxxx
Andrea - Fur mummy
Harvey, aka Half a He, Big Oof and ooffas