Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Honey

My beautiful girl Honey passed away peacefully Sunday 17th May 2020 in my arms. Honey was a rescue dog who had been so badly mistreated until she found her forever home with me and my mum (Honeys best Nana). I will never forget the way she looked at me that day I brought her home, a look of love and comfort. The same look she gave me the day she went to sleep for the last time. In that moment before she went Honey gave me loads of kisses on my nose as if to say 'its okay mum, you can let me go now'. I will never love a dog the way I loved honey, and the love she showed me was something I shall cherish forever. I hope you are eating all the party rings and jelly tots up there my sweet baby. I will meet you at the rainbow bridge one day. Goodnight my love. Ellie- your mummy. Xxx
Ellie - Mum