Remembrance Book - In loving memory of JAH JAH

Jah Jah "stinks", the name says it all. You were silly, a bin raider, omg! The amount of chocolate you ate over the year's I'm surprised you lived to the age you did. You came to me as your original owner was pregnant and had no where to live, then she decided she no longer wanted you and was going to place you on gumtree. At the time Maxi bear had suddenly died and my heart was in pieces and I said I couldn't have another dog after him, but you came and sat beside me knowing the heartache I was going through it was then I said we are keeping you. Your original name was "Jake" but we couldn't have 2 Jake's in the same household so your hooman boy Jake named you "Jah Jah" stinks after the character in star war's. You were besotted with gaga, you knew every Saturday when she'd arrive with treats in her bag, and how you'd take her for a walk instead of her take you, and how our neighbour would laugh so much by you dragging her along the road. You loved eating the post, and became the chicken's protector from the foxes. You also loved your licky licky sessions, licking my leg, feet and back after you eaten your food. Jake was your hooman buddy and you saved his life on several occasions he misses you so so much..You also had other nicknames " Sharky", "Penguin" cause of the way you sat like a Penguin, and the colour of your markings, but your main one was "Boo". The day came when we had too let you go, god my heart was heavy, you knew cause you told us that you were tired and couldn't go on, we took you your last car journey and you stuck your nose out the window to take in your last breath of fresh air. We could have let you carry on with medication but that would have been selfish of us to do that to you you deserved nothing but the best from us as your loving family. You came to us individually and licked us all one last goodbye, I held you one last time whilst you fell a sleep peacefully in my arms I can still feel you now, my heart is broken but I know you are in a better place with all my other fur babies waiting for me to come and collect you all. I know nan, grandad and baby Angel-lynn will take care of you all until its my time. Bye bye for now love you my gorgeous boy mummy, Jake, gaga and furries xxxx
Tracie Field - Owner mum