Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jake aka The Jakeycat

Jake was a gentleman of a cat, never demanding of attention, he could usually be found curled up, perfectly groomed, in a quiet, abeit a sometimes very unusual, spot. He would silently sneak up to you for a fuss, especially at bedtime when there was a chance of receiving a lengthy head brush. He loved catnip and would wait to find the perfect rolling space to let loose and zoom up and down the stairs at night, playing chase with the other cats. He had several near death experiences but sadly that didn't help to prepare me to say goodbye at the end, I was glad I could stroke his head and hold him as he left this world. He is missed, I keep expecting to see him and my other cats look in his favourite places, hoping to see him there. It has been a great comfort to recieve his ashes back, I'm grateful for the service of PCS.
Amber - Owner
Jake aka The Jakeycat