Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jake

On Saturday 9 March 2024, we lost our little guy 'Jake'. It was unexpected, and we were with him when he died. It all started during the afternoon/evening, when he began coughing, and panting, and his heart was beating really fast. (He was diagnosed with a heart murmur a few years ago). At first, we didn't know what it was, and we initially thought it was pneumonia. However, that all changed within a couple of hours. Around 8:00pm ish, I asked him did he want to go outside, to do his business, before we went to bed. Then, as he got halfway down the hallway, his front legs seemed to give way, and that's when we noticed blood was coming out of his nose and mouth. I then picked him up, and took him into the living room. As soon as I put him down on the floor, he just collapsed, and that's when we noticed a large pool of blood coming from his mouth. He then began to have a seizure, and his heart was racing like no tomorrow. Then, within about 10 minutes, his heart stopped, and he took 1 last breath, before he sadly left us.. and thankfully for him, it was quick and it was peaceful, and we were there with him all the time this was going on, so he wasn't alone. He wasn't in any pain, and he didn't suffer. missing U already Jakey-pops. Love you baby boy xxxx
Gaynor and Liam - mum and dad